Laced in Deceit cover reveal prep

So Written in Malice has been out for nearly a month now and I’m so happy that people are enjoying!

Now it’s time to prepare for Laced in Deceit, and the first thing for that is…a cover reveal!

But I want to make it fun. I want to bring as many people in as possible. The cover is done and I’m super happy with it. I want to give something back to everyone who has bought and read the series so far. And I want to do that by holding a contest.

For every 10 people who post about the cover reveal, the prize (an Amazon voucher) will increase by $5. Which means that not only am I going to ask you to help me promote the cover (and myself!), I’d like you to encourage others to join.

The cover reveal will be on…

Wednesday 29th May!

Check back here on the date for details on how to get involved.

Not long now and hopefully not much longer until the actual release of LID.

Watch this space…


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