Laced in Deceit cover reveal!

Here it is!!!!!


What do you think? I’m super happy about it.

You’ll notice – for those who have read the other books – that roses play a big part in this cover. It’s also something, if you’ve noticed, that is a recurring theme throughout the covers. I’ve also, finally, got a character on the front! Definitely fitting as Zara is trapped and it’s something she’ll feel a lot throughout the book. If you’ve forgotten what Laced in Malice (the first in the series) is about, check out the Amazon link.

But…there’s more to this post than the reveal! There’s a contest too!

How to participate…

The ONLY thing you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is by posting the link to this page somewhere…anywhere!

There are a few other options you can do to be in with a chance of winning too.

Remember, the voucher will go up by $5 for every 10 people who enters. So try and encourage others to participate too!

Contest ends midnight on the 26th June.

Good luck!

Oh and don’t forget to add to Goodreads!



2 thoughts on “Laced in Deceit cover reveal!

  1. Hi! I was wondering when this will be released? I can’t find anything on you or your books anywhere anymore.. Hope all is well!! ❤

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